Leith Cross Country Relays
& Ponydale Challenge
11 May 2024

Dunedin Branch Pony Club, 50 Three Mile Hill Road, Dunedin

Please Note: No dogs are allowed on the property

Click here for Online Entries

Programme of Events, Distance and Entry Fees


The Sloggers

Start with Race 1 at 12.30pm and run as many laps of the 2km Ponydale Course as you can in three hours

Race 1 – The Canter

12:30pm 4 x 2000 metres
Open Women
Masters Women 35+
Masters Women 50+
Masters Women 60+
Masters Men 50+
Masters Men 60+
Under 18 Mixed
All grades mixed 

Race 2 – The Short Trot 

1:35pm 1 lap of 800m, individual race
Girls & Boys mixed
No entry fees, pre-entry or enter on the day

Race 3 – The Long Trot

1:45pm 4 x 800m
Boys and Girls U14 Mixed
No entry fees, pre-entry or enter on the day

Race 4 – The Gallop

2:10pm 4 x 4000 metres 
Open Women
Open Men
Masters Men 35+

Entry Information

  1. On-Line Entries close 7pm Friday 10 May 2024
  2. Payment $10 per runner: Team and Ponydale Challenge payments on-line to Leith Bank 010907 0007147 00   
  3. Late entries ($10 per entrant) will be accepted up to 15 minutes before the start of each race
  4. Teams made up of fewer than four members will be accepted eg. one runner can run all 4 legs 
  5. Queries: Email Chris or Text/phone 021 118 869 or use Contact Form
  6. Notify team changes before or after the race start if last minute changes were made, to ensure result accuracy
  7. Return all Race numbers to reduce our Climate Footprint. $10 fee charged for missing or ruined numbers. Please don’t crunch the numbers up
  8. NO afternoon tea or water. BYO
  9. The Hotshot Coffee Cart will be onsite

Please note that dogs are not allowed in the grounds


  • If it is a very cold and wet day make sure everyone keeps warm, keep an eye on children as they can lose their body heat very quickly.
  • The course is very slippery and is not smooth ground – take care when running around the course and watch out for the natural hazards like the creek, ruts, holes, rocks, sharp sticks and gorse. The downhill areas may become particularly slippery.
  • Follow the instructions of the course marshals
  • If someone does have an accident / medical incident whilst running please give assistance in the first instance and get someone to alert course marshals and other spectators to get help
  • Keep away from horses located in paddocks close to the course
  • Parents / caregivers are responsible for the welfare and safety of the children in their care.
  • Take care when exiting or entering the parking area in your car.