Leith Cross Country Relays

The Leith Cross Country Relays, an annual teams relay, held over a rugged grassed 2km course at the Dunedin Pony Club grounds, Three Mile Hill. This will be the 42nd running of this iconic event

The Leith Cross Country Team Relays is a popular event on the Dunedin Winter Cross Country calendar. Formerly held at the Wesleydale Methodist Youth Camp, Munro Road, Berwick over a true tough cross country course called “The Wesleydales”, it was relocated to the Dunedin Pony Club grounds in 2006. This course now known fondly as the “Ponydales” is considered by many to be equally as tough with a small log to hurdle, an often muddy mushy ditch to leap or negotiate, two steep climbs (at the start, middle) and a fast finish downhill. There are twists and turns to keep one attentive. It is a good spectator course with easy access to vantage points. Due to slight course changes and conditions from year to year, comparison of individual and team record times may not be truly accurate or fair. The Teams Relay Format provides plenty of excitement with leads, team positions changing constantly and close finishes. This event caters for all ages and abilities. Anyone can make up a team of 4 people. This event is open to all.  Teams can have fewer than 4 runners.  A runner can run more than one lap for the team, all 4 laps if necessary, and it is not a requirement to be a registered Club member.

The 5th Ponydale Challenge

Run since 2019, this increasingly popular ultra cross country/trail event is going from strength to strength.  Description of the event: Starting at 12:30pm, the start of the first relay race (Race 1), run as many laps of the 2km Ponydale course in three hours.

Using the new three hour format as opposed to the finish being when the last runner of Race 4 finishes means that new records will be set in both the Men’s and Women’s races

This is ideal preparation for future ultra trail runs and the Mount Difficulty Ascent which takes place on Saturday 8 June 2024