The 41st Leith Cross Country Relays

“Ponydales” Course
includes the 4th running of the Ponydale Challenge
Saturday 13 May 2023
Venue: Dunedin Pony Club,
50 Three Mile Hill Road, Halfway Bush, Dunedin


Please note that dogs are not allowed in the grounds


  • It is a very cold and wet day make sure everyone keeps warm, keep an eye on children as they can lose their body heat very quickly.
  • The course is very slippery and is not smooth ground – take care when running around the course and watch out for the natural hazards like the creek, ruts, holes, rocks, sharp sticks and gorse. The downhill areas may become particularly slippery.
  • Follow the instructions of the course marshals
  • If someone does have an accident / medical incident whilst running please give assistance in the first instance and get someone to alert course marshals and other spectators to get help
  • Keep away from any animals that may be located in paddocks close to the course. Dogs are prohibited in the grounds.
  • Parents / caregivers are responsible for the welfare and safety of the children in their care.
  • Take care when exiting or entering the parking area in your car.